Not fixed, but...

There are a few grammar and punctuation nazis (SpellingStaffel?) around here and just as many people who don’t bother. I just thought I’d share an interesting apostrophe snafu with the board, and some Bob as well.

From F*ck My Life:

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finally – ‘groinal’ doesn’t seem to have existed until only recently, thanks to Pratchett - but ‘inguinal’, same meaning, has been around since the 15th C. Go figure.


What is this all about’s?

Today, I was flirting via text with a coworker. Things started getting heated, and I wanted to send her a sexy picture. I asked if she had any suggestions. She said, “Your nuts!” She meant, “YOU’RE nuts.” I sent her a photo of my junk. I offended a co-worker with incriminating evidence. FML