novatec hub any good?

does any know if novatec hubs any good?

went to this bike shop yesterday and they’re selling a set of track wheels (alex rims with novatec hubs) for around $140

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street cred is not high, but performance and reliability are good. nothing to worry about with novatec hubs.

I’ve been riding on a factory build novatech fixed/free hub laced to a alex rim for 10 months. Nothing bad to say about it, gets the job done, don’t do any maintenance or really care for it.

Well worth the money I paid.

Thats a good price as said before not fancy but do the job. Novatec make a lot of hubs and are often rebranded with different manufactures labels they sound like bicycle solutions wheels which are built in Melb these have always been fairly reliable with good french made spokes (for the money) when I have sold them I tended put a little more tension in them and a bit of locite. Just don’t use the shitty lock ring that comes with them buy a Da one.

I’ve had some. They’re good hubs. For the price, they’re great hubs. Inexpensive, not heavy, sealed bearings, good finish. I’d definitely buy them again.

I sold some to Azz recently. He might have an opinion, if he’s gotten around to building them up.

I’ve used them for my last 3 personal wheelbuilds - no problems in 3 years.

huh? i thought novatec hubs had been widely rubbished by people on this forum?

edit: nevermind, i’m thinking of quando

actually they’re not 140 a wheel set it’s 280 :).

went back to the bike shop today and had a look at those wheels. novatec bearings feels really smooth compare to the wheelset i got off ebay which has formula hub.

Also difference in formula. The sealed formula hub is very similar to the novatec. But the loose bearing formula hub on the cheap ebay wheelsets isn’t as nice.