NS Bikes Rag+


Seems overkill for my commute, just the way i like it!

142/12 rear, 15mm thru front. 650x2.2 or 700x40 space for tyres

Alu frame with carbon fork.

CRC link to frame and fork

Full build from their site

2.2s would be nice

Does it fit Rock n Roads?

if 650x2.2 or 700x40, seems like it.

Those hubs are bangin’! What’s the go with the drive side chain stay? Unusual looking is all

Similar to OPEN U.P. frameset, makes allowances for bigger 1x chainrings that a standard chainstay setup wouldn’t.

Not bad for $800, if the build quality is acceptable.

It’s alloy so no soul

WTF is a Spanish BB? Same as italian, just a bit rougher around the edges?

Spanish is a failed BMX bottom bracket standard.
Seems like a really strange choice for a ‘road’ bike.

It has a 73mm BSA BB

Doesn’t spin after lunch.