Nuts and Bolts. Help.

Hi Guys,
I have a quick couple of questions regarding wheel nuts and seat post binder bolts.
First up, I recently acquired a front wheel which has an old high flange Suzue track hub.
The axle is thinner than that of any of the other hubs I have had and I am having trouble finding the right sized track nuts for it.
I can’t find any information on the hubs on the internet so I was wondering if any of you parts gurus would be able to shed some light on the right size for me.
The hub is Branded Suzue Japan 2 B.

Secondly, I am looking for a seatpost binder bolt for an old track frame I have.
The smallest I can seem to get from the LBS is 19mm but it is still too wide.
I have measured between the two flanges and it appears to need a 15mm (or there abouts) size binder, But again I can find nothing smaller than 17mm online and even then I feel that will be too wide.
Any info or solution would be very handy.

Excuse the sideways photos!

Thanks in advance for your help…These 2 tiny problems are putting a halt on my build.

Buy the 17mm one and file/grind down the excess so the ‘bolt’ doesn’t bottom out?

Guess that depends on how much the 17mm one it thought.

I’ve done it before but only took off ~1mm.

brake nut caliper bolts?

What Mike said, cut & file to suit.

That frame may have had a nasty external nut setup originally.

For the hub, if it’s not a 3/8"x26tpi, and it’s smaller than your typical 9x1mm front axle, then it’s either 8mm or 5/16". Hit up a good hardware store and get what threads on without binding.

Thanks for the replies Gents.
Ill pull out the file tonight and see what I can achieve.

Blakey [inailed[/i] it again

I swear we need a ‘Ask Blakey’ thread, it would rule.

Apropos of nothing “Nuts and bolts. Help.” triggered a memory…about 20 years ago a mate decided after seeing some arthouse movie that he was going to restore an old Citroen light 15…he tracked one down that was “95% complete” and went and bought it. Thing is the “other 5%” was all the screw, bolts, nuts and pins in weird french gauges and threadings that were needed to bolt it all together.

That would be time to buy a lathe, some bar stock and learn how to cut threads

He ended up buying another one (even more f*cked than the first) that had all the nuts and bolts in it but that was the start of a whole other story…