NZ Made Don Gibbs Sprint

Had this frame for a while, but didn’t know who made it. Thanks to Nacnud, we’ve now identified it was made by a well known NZ frame builder, Don Gibbs. Nacnud somehow tracked down Don Gibbs and asked him about this frame, Don Gibbs was able to identify the frame by the serial number on the bb shell. Thanks NACNUD!

Anyway, here it is. Bike No.3 (Will take better outdoor photos when weather gets better)

NZ made Don Gibbs Custom Sprint (Columbus Max Tubing wrapped over with carbon fibre)
Sugino 75 cranks, Sugino drilled chainring
Sugino lockring, KMC hollow chain
LOOK Ergostem
Miche Aero seatpost
Campagnolo Chorous headset
Velocity deep V x Airlite 40h rear wheel
Velocity deep V x Airlite 32h front wheel
Fizik Arione Team saddle
Nitto RB021 bullhorn

This build is not quite finished, as it’s mainly built up by the left over parts from the other builds. Updates will come as soon as new parts turns up.

Nice touch with the saddle /frame colour match

So aero it hurts.

I thoughyt MAX was pretty heavy to begin with?

well spotted! thanks.

This one is even heavier with the carbon fibre on top of the max tubing…

some crazy shit you boys be ridin

Looking good Jody! You need to take some shots out side tho!
I have ridden this and it doesn’t weigh much compaired to most steel frames. My Don Gibbs would weigh more than this…

I can’t wait to visit Don when I go down in a few weeks! Going to buy a truck look of crazy Max frames and parts haha!

Pretty wild frame there there!!

Old max was the 3rd lightest of at least 18 different tubesets (including off road). EL and EL oversize were lighter. TSX, SLX, SL etc were heavier.

I have to put a disclaimer in here otherwise Spirito will flip his lid - frame weights vary widely due to the way they were built, as much as what they were built with.

Airlite hubs?

You kiwis are freaking insane/awesome!

rad bike, rad L&P on the table.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned with its weight due to it being unlikely to crest a summit anytime soon. That looks radical and stiff. Does it make cool hollow sounds when you go over a bump?

Nice collection of NZ MAX! Love it…

Ha, true, who cares about the weight!
As for the sound, it does make a sound when I go over a bump, not sure if it’s the hollow sound you mentioned…

Can’t get enough of the max frames… Can’t believe I let one go to nacnud before!

ha… got to have something to represent nz.

Still yet to find a frame with a classic straight fork like your McBain… That’s one nice build!

Thanks for the info!

How does SLX frames feel? How does it compare to the MAX frames? Anyone know?

Luck u didnt sell it