Occasional Weekend Rides.

Like TWBD with no dirt, or the Brewery Rides with less beer, not as consistently scheduled as either of them but overall probably a touch faster (mainly on account of the lack of beer and dirt), but all up, just as fun.

First ride was to Portsea and back, which you can check out HERE.

This Sunday 15th of May, I’m heading to Kinglake via Mt Pleasant, then back down Kinglake to the St Andrews pub for beers and a parma, then a leisurely roll to Hurstbridge station – because I can never be bothered riding back. Leaving from Piedimontes Supermarket at 9:00am (swing by at 8:30 if you want a coffee – we’ll probably be at Dench).
Route is here: A ride mapped on 09/05/2011 in VIC, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE , The whole thing is under 80km and should be relatively low key. - See ya there.

Oh and if the weather turns to absolute crap between now and Saturday night, then I’m not coming.

I’ve made a name for myself as a notoriously poor climber but i’ll be there with any luck.

i am down for occasional saturday rides.
also wouldn’t mind trying to get back into a morning ride every now and then…

oh man, i may regret this…but i think i’m in, provided i can adapt to the ridiculous difference in weather between perth and melbourne!!!

I won’t be up for this because I have a bucks party the day beforehand.
But I will be very keen for future rides!

my mum will be in town, can she come?

You got the new roadie yet?

$250 to go.

I’ll be up for these in a few weeks when the broken elbow heels. Dunno how Cadel could ride through the tour with a broken elbow.

Mate - it’ll be a lot easier that Portsea - just think, you get to coast for half of it!

coasting is the new fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

think i’m better at sitting at a regular pace than i am at climbing, but i need to give it a crack sooner or later!!

i for some reason thought this was saturday. doesn’t matter either way, think the weather might even be better on sunday.

dang, I don’t get my roadie till monday!
But I am definitely down for these. Especially with the late start time.

fucking teenagers - that’s a late start time!

I am in for this. Excited!

Also - just thought I would get an early word in for the following week, I will be going donna buang (if there is no snow) or Dandenongs on the Saturday. Starting to worry about riding the etape, need to practice more hills! Might do a couple of kinglake climbs on the Sat…ugh.

Could be keen! Should be able to smash it out in 3-4 hours correct ?

Probably a touch longer, but there’s always escape options along the way (either Eltham or Hurstbridge train stations)

keen for this, though ill probably turn around after mt pleasant.

With the weather forecast gradually becoming more and more shit - I might be doing the same!

I think i’ll come entirely based on the weather :slight_smile:

Then I doubt you’ll come!