Ocker Cross. Saturday 23rd Jan .

Start planning your costumes mates.

More details:

Missed opportunity to call it “Under The Southern 'Cross” atmo. Could’ve used the Eureka flag and given away Aussie Swazzy tattoos as prizes.

we were thinking of simply “Southern Cross” but that name is taken in NZ

Anyone using a flag cape as part of their costume will be given a solid handicap at the start.

what if that’s all your costume consists of?

I disagree Nikcee. Flag capes need to be reappropriated.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  • Samuel Johnson

Such a great bloke, love what he did for his sister, Unicycling across Australia to raise funds for cancer.

We learnt our lesson with mr rattray.

think of the children…

pete - think of something more interesting than a cape and you will be double winning!

I turned up and had a bit of a laugh. Disappointed that there was no prize for lantern rouge because I came last in both the C grade races.

Funny but before the start of the second race I was lining up down the back when the starter insisted that I move up to the front. Don’t know why, maybe he planned that I should be a mobile obstacle. I succeeded at that, bashing a few wheels and holding everybody up. Of course the advantage with last place is that the hay bales were knocked out of place by the time I got to them so I could just coast through without a dismount. I was seriously going to go all NSW police on another rider around the water hazard so that I could move up to 2nd last place but he got too far ahead.

I then enjoyed watching the A-graders going around. There were a few failed bunny-hops and crashes over the hay bales but nothing serious. Paul van der Ploeg and somebody called Al cleared off for 1st and 2nd.

I got the feeling that the numbers were down, maybe it was the rain in the morning and the fact that Willunga Hill stage was on TV. Or maybe the novelty is wearing off. Anyway, thanks to all the organisers. I had a good time, a nice change of pace from my usual Saturday ride.

Thanks to organisers and volunteers for putting it all together. I managed not to stack it, so a good time was had. Also got a sweeeeeeeet trophy. My first ever trophy at that, look at me now year 8 sports teacher who gave me a fail grade!

The logic of Dave Morgan is never clear, but its always funny.

Numbers were actually pretty good (101 riders) even with most of A grade was seemingly in ADL for TDU, it was a long weekend, Alpine Classic was on, its summer and not Cx season etc etc. Plus this was never meant to be a big event…

thanks to everyone for coming out and congrats to Che!

I was happy with numbers, it was more ‘intimate’.

Cool to see heaps of people race everything they could.

Another great event. Smiles everywhere - including slightly bemused but very entertained folks wandering along Merri Creek.
Cross has been getting very serious is the last year or two - it was great to see a bunch of people on a range of different quality bikes having fun. World/national champions down to cx fanboys like myself. Positive vibes all around.

Plus the ‘all you can eat’ format is always great to see embraced. Even moreso when its kids badgering you about racing anything and everything.