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Man I’d love to do this one day! I think all I could do is store person, but even thats well over $100k with allowances.

I don’t think they hire people from the advertisements. It is just a procedural requirement to advertise positions publicly. The people they hire are already chosen before the ad appears.

One of the grads at work is there at the moment. She’s a glacial expert.

How are you on the open ocean? It involves a couple of weeks of sailing.

Thats cool. Not sure if you’re asking me or Rolly about the ocean. I’ve no idea how I’d go, but its probably 20 years down the track for me and I’d be old and broken and even more narrow minded and stubborn, so wouldn’t enjoy it.

m1, where did you hear that?

This is my mate’s blog from her time there


She fell in love on that trip. Now they’re on Macquarie Island


She applied for the job via the advertisements, same as the others there. The recruitment process is slow and pretty arduous, sussing everyone out to see how they’d cope.

@ JP - I heard it from a scientist who spent a lot of effort preparing a job application for a role in Antarctica but was rejected. He later found out the position was just advertised as a formality and the person who got the job was already chosen. My brother worked for major banks and they would do the same thing - advertise externally for every open position and then hire internally as they always intended.

Had a mate work down there as an air traffic controller for a six month stint, she loved it.

Nowdays she tries to get down there in other roles, like weather obs.