odd Orbea.

TOUR DE FRANCE Time Trial Road Bike ORBEA 1989 Campagnolo Delta GHIBLI Dura Ace | eBay

those are the most unusual cranks I have ever seen:S ugly as well.

I couldn’t find any info about the ‘interdrive’ system?

Nice frame though.

Everything except those cranks rule.


whoa. Someone please explain the benefit of these cranks.

Dunno about that.

Looks like they are an attempt at deadspot elimination (a’la biopace, etc.) when you apply max force to the pedals around 3 o’clock you compress the springs then when you get to 6 o’clock the springs would return stored energy.
Problem is what would they return it to the drive train or your leg which is now at 6 o’clock?
(see newtons third law: for the spings to act to turn the chainrings/ do something useful at teh rear wheel the legs would have to resist the force of the springs)
I reckon it would be both disconcerting and fatiguing to ride but I’m the wrong type of engineer to give a truely vlaid opinion.

It’s the ANTIFIXED (the apocalypso is upon us, head for the hills)

So a bit like an energy-regeneration device?? These look awesome.

I don’t care what they do, they look like a fucking time machine!

So does a De Lorean, doesn’t mean it’s a good car :stuck_out_tongue:

@ H it’s not really regeneration it looks like it would just change the force applied by/to the legs over the pedal cycle when compared to a round chainring (similar to biopace, though the effect of this thing would vary with how hard you are mashing) whilst attempting to remove that zen like direct connection with therear wheel and feeling of oneness with the bike well all (presumabely) know and love here at FOA.

this is hectic

Mad bike nerd street cred.


This bike would probably reduce your commute time.

I reduced my commute time today. I rode the F(ake) Moser with the Zipp and drops. Yesterday I rode my Malvern Star with rizors and front Wald basket. My wife also didn’t ride in today.

I reckon it was the Zipp.

yep… those cranks are the tits.

That reminds me, how is the perpetual motion device coming along?

this bloke has some nice bikes

Cranks are teh sex !!!