Odyssey Black Widow Cranks

has anyone used the ‘euro bb/race versions’ of the Odyssey Black widow cranks on their fixed/SS build?

I was cruising through the Odyssey catalog and they looked pretty rad.

come in a multitude of lengths (150-175mm in 5mm increments) and have a 110bcd spider pattern, should be pretty easy to get Cycle Underground to make something awesome to fit.
CNC’d from 7075 I’m thinking they’d be strong enough.

anyone have any input/experience on these?


I remember some BMX guy telling me that they were poo once… no idea why though. They look pretty good, and Profile make 110 sprockets that are HOT.

yeah man, i guess they might not be so crash hot for bmx use, he might have been using them for stuff other than just racing.

but for being a sweet fixty dood crank they seem to tick all appropriate boxes… so far.

I think the polished ones loot awesome. and they would have to be relatively strong compared to heaps of the cast 6061 alloy cranks people are pedalling around on.

I am a bmxer and I don’t even have a fixie :smiley:
I know of Phat Black widow cranks, in the bmx world are alright, they’re definately not up there but they good and cheap,
they aren’t gonna break on you unless you ride your fixie in a skate park and do 12 stair bunnyhops
These cranks look different from the black widows I know of, but still good.


From what I know, Black Widows remain popular in the US as a junior race crank, because they’re pretty light and are available in a good range of lengths, and because whilst they’re not as strong as a 3-piece cromo setup, this is less of an issue under the kids. I’ve considered them for fixed use myself, and I think they’d be more than adequate for such use, unless you’re planning on getting into fixed freestyle…

I reckon do it!