OFF TOPIC - Selling a house

Hey dudes, I am going to be selling my house very soon and just want to ask if anyone has had a go at selling a house themselves?

Pros/Cons would be good if you have.


I’ll give you 500 bucks for it

Selling ‘themselves’ as in not going via an agent?

Correct. Selling it privately - no agent.

^ Put it in the ‘parts’ section.

Can’t you just Post it on the trading section FoA?

I considered it last time we sold as the commission agent get is insane for the amount of work they do but we were just about to have a bub and I gave in.

At the time didn’t take private ads but domain did. I’m not if domain still do as I haven’t seen any on there for a few years.

If you’re not in a huge rush and you have good idea of price you want you can always put in on your self, see how you go, then take if off for a month of two before going with an agent.

If you’re going to do it make sure you’ve got a good conveyancer.

Forgot to mention, I have bought a house privately before. We were renting it and we and the landlord/seller both had a pretty good idea of what it was worth and basically ended up splitting the agent fee.

It was pretty straight forward with our conveyancer dealing with theirs

I heard the good thing about doing it yourself is you can split the difference with the buyer since there’s no middleperson taking a cut, which could make it easier to sell.

Agree about the conveyancer. They’re the ones that do all the legal work. You don’t want to f**k that part up.

We bought our current house via a private sale.

We have something similar in the ACT - It is very, very good for using when looking for a house. I imagine agents are threatened by it as every time we have attended an open house lately, they are very quick to ‘poo-poo’ the site. “Did you know that x% of home sales come by way of first contact via a real estate agent, compared to x% off allhomes”

We have a bit of time on our side as the wife is about to go on school holidays.

I don’t agree with this. If you are selling it yourself - the whole reason is to save that money you would normally hand over to the agent (around 9k in our case). If you are ‘splitting’ that cost with the buyer by dropping your price to accommodate for that - then what is the point?

Totally! they always try that BS about the only way to get good deals is to register with them and get the early worms.

Ezy, I got nothing to add except that I will spread the word like crazy. Where are you looking to move to?

Thanks JP! We are looking around the Weston area. We have attended a lot of open homes over the last month and a bit and got a good idea as how things go. Most times the place will go to Auction which I will be comfortable with attending. The good thing is - we have a family member who is a good local builder (NJR Homes) who will go through our future house with us to highlight what we can and can’t do with the place.

Basically we are looking for something we can do up and make money on, so we are getting pretty picky with what we want in a house. We have been told about one in Fisher that is coming on to the market shortly. It’s a case of the worst house on a good street. Google maps shows houses all around us with pools, tennis courts etc. The place backs on to a reserve that is part of my current commute. I am pretty excited about this place.

Are you moving to Melbourne?

I used to live in Fisher and my in-laws still do, it’s a great area.

Easier/quicker sale.

Nope - we have good coffee and donuts in Canberra now.

PS - Hi Nick!

Easier - yes. But then it comes down to the saying “Time is money”. With Vee on holidays until late Jan, we have a bit of time.

But quicker? I don’t know. It all comes down to if that buyer is around - this time of year would be tricky I imagine as Canberra becomes a ghost town.

Last night I was all about getting an agent on board (a mate of ours), but at the moment I am unsure.

I would never sell or buy privately,
Not saying this is you but most private listings I see are for sale for a long time, not good for the seller, as it puts into people’s minds that it’s not selling for a reason.
Also most private listings are unrealistic and over priced.

I hate 90% of agents but it’s all about finding the right person and both being honest with what you want to achieve and chances are if it’s priced to meet the market it should sell quickly with less stress.

Houses only don’t sell for one reason, it’s over priced for the time that you sre selling it.

No ‘The Castle’ quotes? Everyone feeling alright?