Offroad Digest - CX Friendly Dirt Rides

The instagram pics looked inspiring. Gotta get up there for this one. Will probably be on the MTB though.

I did a bit of that ride on Saturday - well, the loftus trails then the Bridle track down to Audley. So not really much of it at all.

Hi guys,
Do any of you get down to southern riverina? I am looking at doing some rides through the National Parks there.

If anyone is interested I’ll be doing 2 more CX rides, similar to the one I’ve posted above, before the CX season starts up again. This Sunday the 6th march and then in a fortnight on one day of the weekend of the 18th-20th March, Starting from Loftus. Feel free to tag along. I’m flexible on times so details are TBD.

Just an FYI, the royal national park has gone through and done a fair bit of fire trail maintenance on the grays point to loftus and loftus to heathcote fire trails, making them very CX friendly, cleaned up the 2 big climbs to make the actually ridable now.

Uni finishes up in early October for me so will be doing a fair few dirt rides over summer, Will try and post dates if anyone else is interested.

Good news. Love the trails around there.

Hoping to get some more bike time in in the new year.

Thats awesome, will be riding in Europe in October but back in November and keen.

October long weekend is the Omafiets off road tour from Lithgow to Mittagong if anyone is keen. Will be over three days with a totally mixed crew.

Should be a grand adventure and for me is part of getting ready for the Hunt bikes 1000 in November.

My girlfriend and I would have been very keen on this if we weren’t going to be in South Africa at the time!

So due to inevitable procrastination over the weekend while doing assignments I started the SUBURBAN DIRT page on Facebook to get bit more organised and start posting times/dates/locations of some of my bigger dirt rides in case anyone is interested in tagging along.
These will all be self supported social rides around the greater sydney area and the page is simply to have easy access to ride details, while also creating a false air of legitimacy.

If anyone wants to jump on board and start posting/organising their own rides feel free to post on it, or if you are planning a lot of rides then hit me up if you’re keen for admin access.

This might be a good place to mention this: I’m thinking of organising a “Gravel For Dummies” ride from Wiseman’s to St Albans return, on the north side of the river. It’ll only be about 50km, but 80% of that is dirt/gravel, and there’s pretty much no climbing.
I figure it’d be a good ride for people who haven’t ridden dirt on a road bike before, or who maybe don’t have the fitness to hit some of the nasty climbs out the Hawkesbury.

Plan would be to park at Wiseman’s mid-morning, ride to St Albans for lunch/beer, then head back. Easy pace, lots of stops for waiting and instagrams, lot of laughs. Simplez.

Would there be any takers?

I’d be keen to bring my girlfriend along for that one, that loop is pretty mild (just a few potholes to watch out for). If it’s after October 10 I’ll be in.

Same, I’d be keen for anything after October 11th.

Okay cool. I’ll chat to a couple of folks that I have in mind for this and see how they’re placed for late October.

Not coming unless you throw in the Old Great North Rd / Shepherd’s Gully track.

Just jokes, I think I’ve quit bikes for the moment

You guys have gone full dirt(y) rando huh! Where the tarck these days? Surely you still show up fixed CX etomato?

You disappear for a few years, and, well, times change man.

Can’t make a comeback yet. Need to work on the beard first.

To add something constructive to the thread… Off the back of the RNP rides above, on the way back from heathcote to loftus/Sutherland its also possible to stay on the western side of the hwy into Engadine, and hit up the Forbes Ck track, which joins up with the Moonies single track (might be hard on CX, I’ve only done it MTB) and this then links to fire trails that can lead either down into woronora via the pipeline, or up to loftus via the Cranberry rd fire trail or the Vibernum Rd (if you love a short steep grade climb).

I haven’t ridden the Forbes creek fire trail yet but have done the loftus creek fire trail part between engadine/yarrawarrah/loftus/woronora/woronora heights. (strava map). It’s all really fun on CX.