Offroad Digest - CX Friendly Dirt Rides

For sure, but only on a completely inappropriate bike, like a $30 bike challenge?

And hey CdK good to hear from you

I still have my fixed CX bike, but it hasn’t seen dirt in a long, long time.

Thinking about it though, perhaps by late October I’ll have this dadlyfe thing sorted out enough to make a day trip to Wiseman’s. If I do I’ll bring the fixed bike, since you asked Keirin.

Okay, gonna arrange for a thing on 23/10. Will post a new thread.

just an FYI -The first Suburban fort ride is tomorrow (info) which will be the Woronora Dam pipeline fire trail ive talked about previously.

Also the guys from got in contact with me this week. They are doing good things trying to promote more gravel/dirt rides around the place, basically the same thing that this thread is aiming to do. check them out.

Great news! I’ve got a few guys coming down from the central coast to do this. Should be a great day!

(I feel warranted to post this as I grew up there/regularly catch the central coast train line…)

Shame I’ll miss it - right in my neck of the woods. I think I saw your route on strava for it. About 60kms? Looked like a nice jaunt down the eastern side of the hwy to Heathcote then over the road to the dam side.

I’ve been a bit lax about posting on here of late it seems.
There’s 2 Suburban Dirt rides coming up soon. Both starting from Sutherland.

30th October (this sunday)
Short Royal national Park loop riding fire trail from Loftus to Heathcote and out to Grays Point, then beer at Gymea hotel (its the shire beer and BBQ festival)

12th November
a loop from sutho out through Menai riding the Still and Mill creek fire trails.

yeah, ended up being 70kms, eastern side is easy, western side is harder than remembered. all was very fun. There are a fair few more local rides in planning so hopefully youll be able to make it to one.

Suburban dirt rides are kicking off again.
2 rides planned so far, both start from Sutherland in southern sydney.
This Saturday (4/2/17) is a Beer-Run 35km ending at shark island brewing
Next Sunday (12/2/17) is Subruabn Dirt #6 65km 1250vm around menai.

3 more Suburban Dirt rides organised.
Beer run this sunday (26/2/17) ending up at batach or grifter brewing.
Then suburban dirt rides
#7 (4/3/17) lady carington drive to pipeline.
#8 (18/3/17) dharawal national park.

I’m planning on doing a Wiseman’s gravel grind on the 11th or 12th of March, and then the Bilpin ride a fortnight later.

Will post a thread tomorrow to confirm the details.

I’d be up for the 12th I reckon Carlin.


Ill post up the map later

Made one here if anyone’s interested.

Jesuz man that is epic

yeah i think an overnight stay at the basin would be required.
its a compiled centralized route of roads ive ridden probably with in a 100km radius.

going to attempt this easter long weekend.

That’s mad, but necessary prep for Thunderbolt’s?

well it will be good prep, i’ll be able to gauge my capabilities.
theres plenty of bail out options too and my parents farm is centralised amongst this route.
Ive only done 150 in one hit before in the watagans and surround and that was tough. im slightly fitter now but you never know on the day how you’re going to deal with that much vert.

im setting up my full rigid 29er up for this with a 2x set up.

Hey guys, Only 3 suburban dirt rides left before an extended hiatus.
All rides are in southern Sydney.

Beer-Run Tomorrow (Saturday 18/3/17), a 35km cyclocross roll around the national park fire trails before heading to a brewery.

Suburban dirt ride #8 date change, now next month (Sunday 30/4/17), a 100km+ cyclocross ride showcasing Dharawal National Park.

Suburban dirt ride #9 (Sunday 14/5/17), a 70km cyclocross ride (a rerun of ride #7) down through the national park, along Lady Carington drive up the burgh track and returning via the pipeline fire trail.

Back in the Watagans - here is a link to another route, similar to Cam’s but a lot shorter, i.e. manageable in one day, starting from Ourimbah.

It’s a combination of all the best roads I have found in the area.