O'Grady doped in '98 tour

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I’m sure there’s other articles out there, came across this this morning.

He took dope cookies?


No surprises. His retirement a year earlier than expected, the day before they released the names of '98 tour dopers…
Took a pretty soft confession option too.

O’Grady Admits EPO Use Ahead Of 1998 Tour De France | Cyclingnews.com

Well he had to admit to the one time they have re-tested for or admit to doing it for most of his career.

Voigt next?

Not a cop out, but if anyone kept up with the bunch in the late 90s/early 00s that wasn’t on the juice, I’d be damn surprised.

At least it sends a message now that even if something isn’t detectable today, doesn’t mean you won’t get butthurt tomorrow

Rory’s question of the day: “Dad…what’s EPO?”

Those who didn’t in '98 wouldn’t have made a major team. Anyone got a link of the 98 names the French read out? I’ve only just gotten in to work, and have to work (sadly).

Still not sure where I sit on this one.

I’m with you Jim. On one hand I DGAF, because it was 1998 and EPO was the flavour of the month/year, but at the same time, it feels like it cheapens/tarnishes all of O’Grady’s success, even if it was only once. hmmmm.

ogrady loves all illicit substances.

Interesting turn around from December last year… O’Grady to be quizzed


Imagine yourself at the start of the 98 tour. Finally reached the pinnacle of your sport. If you don’t dope you’'ll be out within days cos of the pace.

Fuck. I dunno what I would have done.

wake me when a cyclist admits to not doping in the 98 tour.

Wake up Murray, I didn’t dope in the 98 tour.

i don’t really care that much, but i reckon his “tried it only the once then i flushed that shit in the dunnies” is a stinky load of horseshit.

Yep. Admit and see it done. Deny and have all his old samples tested and a certain victory in 2007 under rhis suddenly looks in danger

I did.

I have a friend who raced in the 90s in Europe. He’s in the law and now quite high up. He didn’t dope and told me how other riders gave him shit and laughed at him for not using anything. He said there was another Australian rider and himself who were treated with suspicion because they road clean. In a kermesse he said he was able to keep up for a lap and then things would explode. Needless to say, he only stayed a season. He says it was the same in races back here as people brought the culture back from Europe.