Oh my God, he killed Kenny!

So is anyone talking about Glaezter? I couldn’t find a thread. I mean, he just beat the reigning Olympic gold medallist, not too shabby. Born in '92, so he’s still pretty young and can only get better.

I don’t think any of the top nations have taken this world cup event too seriously and maybe Kenny isn’t in peak form but a win is a win.

I know that he turned a few people off with his thanks to Jebus talk a few years ago but on the plus side, maybe that helps to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I was really impressed. I think you are right that some haven’t put in their best for the event, however a win at this stage in the lead up to Rio is certainly going to do good things for personal and team morale. I think it was a good strategy that the Australian’s went in with a strong showing, and that they avoided the dodgy food unlike the Germans.