oh yes...

Fraser 1980’S Push Pull Bike in Albert Park, VIC | eBay

Dear lord

Scott should buy/ride this

Just looking at that geo, my dick is harder than a diamond in an ice-storm.

This should be in the bike porn thread.

Needs fenders + lights.

Points for rack though.

Albert Park

Obviously the seller would roll this down Beach Rd on a Saturday…

“It looks a little home-made,” bwaaaaahaaaaaa

Don’t forget to pick up the unicycle trainer while you’re there: Unicycle Trainer in Albert Park, VIC | eBay

This has Tate’s name all over it for ddcx.

i’m not going to be around for the prologue, so i’m leaving this alone.

the fuck is an erector spinae


Muscles that support the the spinal column … but in latin:p

Btw, that’s a tiny bottom. It looks girly but the sit bones are close together. Could be boy or girl. Id suggest a saddle now wider than 143mm for this diagram profile <grin>