Is it the bike, the chick (and lesbian suggestion) or the tats that turns you on?

Its the fact that she is a cute girl riding a bike…

there is no lesbian suggestion about the image… it’s a checkpoint… ALRIGHT!

OMG am I a pervert now? :oops:

Do I have to choose?

its the droopy bullhorns for me

For me it’s the lack of bar plugs…

… for the whistling sound they make! :wink:

Looks like a caption competition to me.

“Cycling was always a difficult activity for conjoined twins Lisa and Jacqui.”

i have a similiar (kind of) pic of a suicide girls on rollers, but id no doubt get banned for posting it :smiley:

I’m comfortable with that happening. Post away!

lol, the most you can see is a bit of side boob and a bit of blurry clam via a mirror, but id rather not get banned :smiley:

lets just say it may or may not involve totally nekkid suicide girl riding on rollers :smiley:

Throw it up somewhere else (like cyclebucket) and link it with the appropriate warnings.

if i get banned ima kick ur ass brad…

lookign at it again, no side boob, but mirror boob…

WARNING, NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! image contains mirrored boobs…


There’s something wrong, someone scribbled all over her arms and chest.

PS: saddle + no pants can’t be comfortable.

but thats the best bit :sunglasses:

i agree, epecially for the ladies… :expressionless:


bike > girl

lets not bring down the talent in the thread

ill admit she isnt as cute as the OP, but i sure as hell wouldnt turn her down…

Caption: “After their near-miss, Jacqui gave Lisa the old Rex Hunt treatment”