Oil patches on the Capital City Trail

Riding home tonight at about 11:30 along the capital city trail I went over this oil, spilt just to the West of the Royal Parade underpass. My partner, two other cyclists and I rode over it but all stayed upright, did go sideways for a bit. The fire brigade was there pretty quickly and cleaned it up. It’s almost definitely cooking oil, smells like my clothing from when I worked at Hungry Jack’s. All of our bikes are now covered in the gunk, I smell like a cheeseburger.

After the spill from the a couple of nights ago near the Docklands I thought it best to make a thread with any mentions of it.

Sorry about the small photo, cyclebucket hates me.

I rode past this after the fire department were cleaning it.
Perhaps the Western suburbs version of the Boulle Tacker??

Reports of this again overnight. Same spot on the creek I think. Stay safe y’all.