Ok, which of you guys have been dressing as women?

I hear Mia Mala McDonald did a photo shoot with guys on fixies, dressed as women in Melb… So, what’s the story?

You know fixed gears must be uber trendy (that uber needs so many umlauts I’ll leave them to your imagination) when Mia’s putting them in her photos…



So what dress were you wearing? :evil:

I’d say that Nick has a pretty good alibi Horatio, given he is currently residing on a sailing boat on the coast of Spain…

You however have no such alibi - what dress were you wearing!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been known to dress up in some weird shit for art (last I recall was bouncing around on a swinging chair with a yellow firemans hat and pink overalls, in a park full of kids), but for this particular piece I can claim absolute impossibility through distance.

Are any of the offending pics online Nick? Can you link them?

(or are they a part of the Bicycle Film Festival exhibition maybe?)

I haven’t found any pics online, but I did do a quick scout around already, although no dice. Pip from the BFF asked me about it, because she thought I/we were involved. I was rather disappointed to say I wasn’t aware of it… I thought maybe someone else out there was.

Unless… GASP… Mia had fixed gear IMPOSTERS in her photos? I mean, you can’t tell me that there could someone taking photos of a bunch of fixed gear riders in Melb, and they cannot be somehow linked back to someone on this forum…


It’ll all come out of the woodwork soon enough…


wasn’t the photoshoot that one from the “drag race” dan organised a while back? appeared in some trendy magazine, fader perhaps?


ah! that was probably it then! :slight_smile: see, i knew someone would know something.