'ol Bluey

Feeling the need for a new commuter bike I picked this up for a steal.

Stock standard Mongoose Murice cept for some fancy tyres and seat.

Anyone had any issues with the fixed ring slipping on these at all? Thought perhaps the lockring was just loose but no matter how tight it is the ring still slips back and forth… but not fully around. Hmmm…

On a side note seeing as I can’t have trading access yet… if any one has any cut down or flat OS bars for sale in Perth let me know.


If that’s your ‘work’ bike…I’m fucked!!!

I heard Surly lock rings are thicker? Maybe try that?

You need to tighten the cog hard (preferably with a chain whip or rotafixing), then tighten the lockring hard.

If it’s still slipping it’s most likely because there is a small (perhaps invisible to naked eye) gap between the cog and the lockring, i.e. the lockring isn’t tightening against the cog, but against the step. In this case get a BB spacer and put it in between the cog and lockring.

Interesting… will do that… that would explain why it does go all the way around…

I’m assumming the cog is a pretty rubbish one anyways… what’s a better quality one? durace?

it must be NJS, everything else is rubbish.

must be huh… sounds serious… is this must have expensive and shiny by any chance?

You know it, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, they just are not man enough to ride njs.

New cog and new lockring will probably get you sorted. I’ve found the Roselli cogs and Surly or dura-ace lockrings to work great. The cog/ lockring that came stock probably hasn’t got the sharpest threads on it any way. The main thing to look for is that both bits are cnc’d, makes em more betterer.

I have no name risers with oury grips,
flat bars with black grips
a DA lock ring and some CNC cogs for sale (in Perth).

Let me know if you’re interested via pm.

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