Old Aerospoke MTB wheels, help identify cassette type

I am really sorry to have to be this stupid, and I tried to find out on google, but;

I need to know if this is a splined style hub/casette or a screw on.

Its a Old MTB aerospoke rear wheel… so, kinda need help, and if you can identify, if you can make suggestion if it can take a 9 speed shimano cassette (as it currently has a 8 speed)

I checked out here > ( http://biketouringnews.com/touring-bicycle/unior-cassette-lockring-tool/ )
and judging by the images it kind of looks like the standard lockring stye thing for splined… but my brain is so stuffed tonight I cant even think clearly.


looks like the standard shimano cassette, and 8/9 speed should be interchangeable

Thx Squid

PS; how much should i be paying for these?

  • Shimano 8sp freehubs will also take 9 and 10 sp cassettes, splined, not screw on
  • Sure they’re MTB and not 700C?
  • Standard shimano lockring tool
  • As little as possible.

26" with road style slicks on em.
they want bout 250 inc post from QLD… thoughts???

$250 will help make the greatest mountain bike street machine ever.
Anyways, standard stuff right there yo

they are aerospoke ‘cool’ but you can get much better/lighter wheels for the price.