Old carbon wheels for under $500, good deal or don't touch with a barge pole

Hey everyone,

Newbie here, been looking to upgrade my track bike and have recently ordered a Pistard Air crankset and looking to blow some more money on some wheels. I saw a pair of Zipp 440 track wheels come up that have been paired to some dura ace track hubs that have “recently” been rebuilt, given that these carbon wheels are probably in the realm of 20 years old just wondering if anyone has had any experience with something like this. Appreciate any help from the brains trust.

I probably wouldn’t.

If you’re gonna drop 500 clams you could pretty much get a brand new chinacarbon wheelset with modern layups and all that. I know very little about carbon wheels, but would feel much more comfortable on brand new stuff than 20 year old stuff.

They’ve been around forever, google around and read reviews about longevity etc.

I’d save your pennies and get something newer, but do what you wanna.

Carbon has come on a lot in the last few years. I would probably buy a 10 year old set of carbon wheels in 10 years time, but I wouldn’t buy a 10 year old set now. If you get me.

If you can’t get something close for another $100 now, I’d go alloy and wait it out. Then again, I’m not racing so grams don’t matter.

Yeah considering that including free shipping for $150 more you can get a china carbon set its probably the way to go. Would more than likely just get one with a fixed Novatec hub and get a decent freewheel cog to go along with it.

Was definitely what I was thinking, I had seen some posts that Zipp’s first carbon wheels were pretty hit and miss and some people had them blowout and others swore by them.

I was assuming from your post that you’re track racing, but this suggests street? That changes the equation - don’t ride 20 year old Zipp racing tubs on the street.

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Not if you like your teeth at least.