Old Faithfull

Just found pics of my old faithfull. awesome bike, been with me for a while now.

nuthin special parts wise

— KHS Flite frameset
— Red ano ambrosio on the front, deep v on the back
— Dura Ace 7400 cranks w. Cycle underground chainring (bought off someone on here, cant remember who)
—GR9s with Carnival Clip covers (thanks Japan)
—no-name Rizerzzz
—blah blah blah
—Viscount Turbo copy, my 2nd one, loved the first to death.

nothing will kill this bike, it will live long after im gone

didn’t know cycle u’ground chainrings came with ‘crush kill destoy’ on em.
Your bike looks well lived in, i guess some could gauge the age of it by how many stickers you can fit, its great.

You need more brakes

I make brakes look good.

i do use the freewheel mostly now.

too lazy to buy a new cog, too lazy to ride fixed at the moment

bad-ass bike! can the fender squeeze above the rear brake bridge?

i have a khs flite 100 myself, still standard besides handle bars and grips.
nice ride

that’s the business. those cranks are rad.

who’s the moustachioed guy on your head tube?