Old hubs. Strong enough?

Ok, so how strong are old hubs and will they stand up to dirty hipster skids? Am i just going to strip the crap out of them in no time flat :?
Just got 3 sets of 70’s fixed wheels, nice stuff, Zeus, Normandy, Suese hubs on Fiamme, Araya and Weinmann rims. Has anyone had any experience with things such as these and what happened. I don’t really want to go out and strip out 3 sets of nice old wheels and then have to fork out for a new set of V’s or something. I’m guessing the best way forward is to keep one set for the whole period thing and buy a set of V’s for thrashing on the streets. Any ideas?

I wouldn’t exactly call them nice, but rest assured if you strip them as you say, it will be no great loss…

snob :wink:

So these are all those beautiful wheels from that ebay lot…
I’ve got an old wheel and hub - handmade rim and i think it’s a Sansin hub. Been riding it for about a year no problems, but then i don’t really thrash it. Plus it’s got nice DT spokes.

Sorry they’re not Campy/ NJS poser goodness :cry:, they aren’t the flashest things going but to someone on my kind of budget they are nice… ish.
Definately gotta take them in for a tighten up though, spokes are all a bit on the loose side.
Any way i’ve decided to keep one set around and get a set of v’s when the tax return comes around.
Thanks for the words tally, at least someone had a clue :slight_smile: