old school melbourne steel

At least the guy at hillman cycles said it was. A Bates aparently. I got it off pile of rubbish. kept the original head set and stem. Everything else was not there or beyond help.
Got some wheels from fyxomatosis, cranks and pedals from ebay and the rest from LBS’s
thought I’d better post it up pre holiday make over. I got some old red/yellow/black bar tape from ebay but it dosen’t really suit the colours of the bike. I get the school holidays off from work so I figured I might give it a new paint job.
Any way heres my daily ride.
You’ll catch me hitting it between Brunswick and Ascot Vale and the CBD and any where else I dam well feel like.

Midd restoration

My meow monster

Cool. My ‘Hillman’ is also a Bates - as identified by two people - the guy from DeVer cycles who apparently used to work for Bates and also by Gordon Hill.

My headtube lugs are the same as yours and the dropouts also look similar, without a close shot to compare them. Those can’t be the original forks for that frame, surely - there’s a bit too much rake on them for the track, even for a frame of that potential vintage (60’s maybe)?..

Cute cat - was it also a hard rubbish find?

yes and yes.

Those are the forks attached to the frame when I pulled it off the hard rubbish. I don’t know if it was a track frame. more of a 40’s clubracer. had cottered cranks ect when I found it and it takes a rear brake.
The only other Bates I’ve seen have similar forks. Slightly diffrent crowns though.
Check it…

I found this the other day

I’ve got no idea who made it. I’ve never heard of Albury but I know I’ve seen that logo somewhere before and it’s tearing me to pieces trying to remember. If anybody know word me up. Its hand painted and seriously vintage. Has BSA cottered cranks and an old adjustable BSA stem and track drops. I’m trying do decide if I should restore it or sell it. Somebody sold the same stem on ebay yesterdsy for $130.
have two fixed gears or upgrade one?

Twin Six?

I’m having one of those!

Pick me one up while you’re at it please. Finder’s fee :wink:


Does anyone want to go in to get a couple of shirts/jerseys? I’ve emailed them asking about how long postage would take as they only offer “ground” as an option to Australia.

If I get enough responses I’ll start another thread…



From TwinSix? I’d be keen.

I have a “Northcote” branded track bike built by W.A. Bolwell of Northcote Cycles, High St Northcote. The rider name of Colin Dowling is painted on the bike. Currently riding it as a fixie commuter in Brisbane. I should try get a photo up to see if any oldtimers out there can give a relatively accurate date on the bike.

Lets see a photo.
The Bates was made in Coburg aparently.
I was told the guy who ran the factory got real ill. And when he was on his deathbed his family shut down the factory and sold everything. Then he made a full recovery only to find his lifes work and passion was gone.

Hi. I was just doing a bit of research on Bate’s cycle factory. In the late 80’s or early 90’s I asked Norman (?) Bates to build me a slightly modified version of a Skidstar GT as he had built a number for Malvern Star. A bit silly really as he had a number of original frames hanging up in the shed he could have painted and finished within maybe two or so weeks. What occurred in the meantime was that a couple of newly released inmates from Pentridge prison down the road came into the shed wanting to steal something valuable and assaulted him. Obviously he then needed to try to recover and spent some time away from the factory. I was in contact with his daughter as I’d paid a deposit but she had a number of creditors to pay off. You are probably right about him recovering a little too late to continue. He told me there were a couple of people he’d built bikes for who never paid him so I don’t think he was terribly wealthy - particularly considering the factory/shed which looked as though it hadn’t changed since it was originally built… Hope this helps.