Older Miche stuff..

picked up a bike here in argentina. the dude i bought it from had it sitting in his shed for the last decade or two, and he’s the original owner, bought it all new back in the 70’s he says. it’s got some old miche stuff on it, which i’ve never really seen before. some old miche track cranks, and a chainring. also has those old miche primato pedals with the adjustable toe clip, and i can’t find any information about any of it.

anyone here know much about this stuff? blakey, im looking at you, :smiley:

Hey awesome Pip, how long you there for? What are you doing?

Old Miche stuff should be good- it’s not Super Record, but it’s Italian and reasonable quality.

i’ve been here a week now, flying up to iguacu in a couple of hours to get in touch with my rainforest self. staying there for about 5 days, then coming back to buenos aires for a couple of days before flying home. not doing much! i was planning on coming for a lot longer, and heading up to rosario and stuff, but plans changed so the trip is much shorter.

argentina is nuts, i don’t know if i’d have the balls to ride on the roads here, no one cares about anything, haha. it’s a great place though! a liter of quilmes, a half decent beer, comes to about AUD1.50, and the food here is great, what’s not to love!

Don’t know much about old Miche, have a look on Velobase.com, there are some old hubs listed there. Maybe Spirito will chime in.

checked out velobase, couldn{t find much about the cranks, and the pedals.

If you’re really keen to find out, post a question on the Classic Rendezvous email list or in the Classic & Vintage forum of bikeforums.net.

Been there, done that … nothing to write home about (sorry to say). Miche now make some very nice stuff but it wasn’t always that way …

a frank and insightful snippet:

Miche is one of the two companies that stemmed from the Michelin family
bicycle business (the last name is not pronounced like the tire
manufacturer. It is pronounced Me-kay-leen). The other company is Ciclo
Piave. Both still exist to this day and are located between Conegliano
and Ponte della Priula in the province of Treviso. When living in
Treviso, I visited them both. Ciclo Piave continue to make some
beautiful lugged steel bikes to this day. Miche, by the admission of the
company owners was long known to be a lower quality, lower price point
supplier, at least one level below Ofmega and the like. Recently they
have successfully concentrated on a number of niche markets including
track componentry and componentry for children’s racing bikes. They have
also brought out the Super Type gruppo which is also quite a bit higher
up on the quality totem pole. To say that they brought out “very good
quality” in the classic period would however be a major exaggeration, that
even the Miche owners would not be comfortable with. I believe they
would be much more happy to be known as a supplier of fairly valued

and some history:

(from FAC Michelin) Company Fac Michelin was established in the far past
1936, when Mr. Ferdinando Michelin together with a three collaborators
begins his activity as bicycles manufacturer.

Fac Michelin or “Miche” for short was founded in 1919 by
Ferdinando Michelin as a manufacturer for bicycles, motorcycles and
bicycle parts. As the company evolved bicycle parts became the focus of
attention with all manufacturing from their factory in the Veneto town of
San Vendemiano.