OLMO -BIN- looks nice.

this looks like a great buy but i just bought something… good size tooooo…

olmo | eBay


i’ll help get it too ya.

Is it a real olmo that looks like 105 or even lower shimano and pretty average

^ First thought was nah, but is that internal cable routing? No pantos on the seat stays, though. Picture just isn’t clear enough.

Yeah. Couldn’t pick it on the iphone.

Yeah i was on the phone as well.

seller was a triathlete, probly doesnt know what they’re on about

looks a bit like a europa

So the dude has posted up some more photos - Oria tubing, internal cable routing (I think). I reckon it’s a low-end Olmo frame in good condition with what appears to be Shitmano 500EX components. Probably not too bad for the asking price, but it’s nothing special. I was interested, but apparently there’s no fender mounts so I’m out.

No panto, unicrown fork - lacks passion.

“I’m 172cm and it fits fine” - oh really.