Olympic swimmer lies about being hit on bike in Brisbane

Grade A Fuckwit.

this made me laugh… But yeah what a douche bag

young and dumb

Someone should smack/bust his other elbow, call him a naughty boy, and tell him it’s a lesson about honesty.

He’s not allowed to play on his skatey, he didn’t want to get in trouble for falling off it.

That too.

i bet he was pushing mongo, bloody kook.

From someone who actually has been hit by a car, this angers me no end. Not something you want to be joking about.

He told a lie? Goodness gracious me, off with his noggin.

Yes he did. About something that people have gone through, who probably don’t find it very trivial. If old mate can’t skate, he should have just owned up, rather than involving cops.

You registered on this forum to post this?

Nice work. You’re my new favourite forumenger.

edit: fuck it.

Sorry, you registered in May, but your first post was that? Soz.

haha mongo, i’m new to BNE, but skateboarding doesn’t really seem like a good option around regardless, too many hills and some very average road surfaces, totse man, its a cycling forum, ofcourse people will be angry when someone trivialises this sort of incident

Nothin’ wrong with mong son, that’s how we did it back when it was invented :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=mercury;356022]Original article says he was picked up by Nick D’Arcy after the incident. Maybe he king-hit him off his skateboard.

I push mongo. I can push with either foot, but prefer pushing with my front foot…it’s just the way I was taught.

me too. but then i unlearnt it to save my soul


Yeah, I unlearnt it too… But now I can push with my back foot when I skate switch / fakie… Which isn’t very often.

yup and it looked shit and was the sign of a kook then and is still the same today