Olympic swimmer lies about being hit on bike in Brisbane

Swimmer Kenrick Monk’s Olympic campaign in doubt after hit-and-run accident

“It was a P Plate driver and I believe it was done on purpose. I can’t remember too much after I was hit, but I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”[LEFT]


brisbane drivers are awesome

^^ can second this.

have thought about posting in the “near misses” thread, but then i would not get any work done at all.

^this is true

saw on the news he reckons he was hit on purpose, thats pretty shit.

Shitty happenings.
FWIW, from someone who lived in Brisbane for 23 years and Sydney for the last 5. Sydney drivers are deplorable on a good day. In comparison, they make Brisbane drivers look like kind-hearted good-samaritans, who are will sweep the road in front of you while they tell you how great you look, then help you balance at traffic lights with their big fat tits.
Heaven forbid someone would merge in front of you! Sydney drivers can go and get fucked.

lying sack of shit fell off his skateboard.


What the fuck? Seriously?

Monk made up up hit-and-run story - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


what an arsehole

Fuckin Himbo tool, lying shitbag douche.

Original article says he was picked up by Nick D’Arcy after the incident. Maybe he king-hit him off his skateboard.

Are Olympic swimmers all d-bags?

Some bad bike karma’s coming his way. What a fuckwit!

What a wanker.


I was going to join in the chorus and say “Idiot little man”, but then I saw the photo of him in the hospital bed and thought, he’s just a regular, hard working and genuine bloke who made a mistake.


Maybe Swimming Australia should send him a strong message of their own.

i just don’t understand why he’d say that.

Maybe he’s under contract that doesn’t let him do “dangerous” sports like skateboarding.

Maybe he’s just an idiot.

As the driver of a motor vehicle in Brisbane I accept your apologies