1. eat shit, lars boom. where are your alleged “cyclocross skills” now?
  2. boonen is back.
  3. wtf, sky and quickstep? way to squander your respective two man advantages.

omloop het nieuwsblad 2012 - YouTube

This makes me so happy in the pants. He looked gracious in defeat too. Flecha just doesn’t seem to have the heart, he’s like the schlecks of the classics world. I can’t wait to see what happens the next few classics.

+1. I have a massive man-crush on Boonen. He went a bit early.

Loved Boom getting a bit of ‘don’t argue’ and eating it.

Should have held his line, even C-grade crit racers know to do this.

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2012 Tom Boonen Interview

holy shit.

I think he needed HMC to remind him. “Hold ya fucken line!”

Anyone know where to watch it live this weekend? Once again foxtel is giving me every reason to punt it when the contract expires

Probably the usual suspects:, cyclingfans etc
I don’t suppose SBS is showing it, but can’t be arsed checking.

Just coz Brendan’s original link is busted… (49 seconds in, if this doesn’t link straight there)


The race to those climbs are hectic! If you watch the above shots from the classics there is all kinds of pushing and shoving going on in the peleton. The best are always at the front though, Imagine the sharp elbows from the Quick steppers

god what a hubbard

VIPBox Other

Probably going to watch.