hey guys thought i might post my bike. this is my first fixed bike. hope u like it

If you use that helmet on the street you are a Deadset legend.

And in all seriousness those Giants are pretty cool.

did a trip 50k trip once when i couldnt find my normal helmet. doubled my avg speed haha

These bikes look better in the flesh, was so tempted to buy one a few months ago.

How does it ride?

they are a sweet looking ride!!! it would be my pick of a track bike if i was ever to upgrade…which prob isnt going to happen…sprinting isnt my strength

rides beautifuly. if ur looking at getting one get it from cyc’d on wynum road my mate owns the shop hes got one in the window with mavic disc and 5 spoke. 2k bike 8k wheelset. he didt want to give me the wheels for free haha

Tough ride man, love them giants!

I saw one of these bikes in the window of Lygon cycles. Looks good.

I saw it in the window of Lygon cycles also.

Love the time trial Helmet

I knew Time Trial would be the new fixed. i mean, style wize

i really should get my two TimeTrial helmets shipped back over here from canada

how much coin did you drop on the helmet?

what brand is the bike?

^ surely jokes…



funny joke indeed.

Downtube, fork, seatpost, chainstays, headtube, 2 each rim, so double that and you have the word ‘GIANT’ 18 times on the bike.
That’s not even accounting for the shit I can’t see, like stem/bars/tape/seat/hubs.

i think that one retailed for 400 but i didnt pay for it. cos my mate owns the shop.

and the brand is giant

no straps on pedals? love that helmet!! so sleek