On One il Pompino

Got this finished a few weeks ago and have been having a blast on the trails with it. I still have a few things to change, some better tyres and maybe some different cranks. Keen to go riding with anyone though!

Crappy photos and messy front yard.

Looks great Pip!
Be good to tackle (fall over) some trails soon!

that’s looks nice pip

That looks awesome, what sort of trails are you riding it on? How does it ride? fairly forgiving?

Only had the chance to ride it on the trails in and around Westerfolds Park so far, singletracks. It rides pretty good, I’ve never really had a bike like this, I’ve mainly been riding road and track bikes for the last number of years, but it handles really well.

Anyone have some recommendations on some other tracks I should check out when the weather clears up?

Yeah Pip,

Let’s hit them trails sooooon!

nice pomp, pip.

Nice pimp, pop.

nice pop, pimp.

also, thanks for posting this.
paging anyone who knows their shit about cross frames etc, is there a fork option for this type of frame with the same clearances etc with less rake angle straight off the crown? I love this frame, but i also love a straight up and down steering angle…

either way, totally getting one of these. drops, ss/freewheel, big tyres. sooo much fun

Top bike!!! I like it a lot!

yarra trails starting at studley park road, heading out to westerfolds. come out one weekend and ill show you a good time (yes, thats what she said) there is a metric crap-tonne of little trails to explore.

lysterfield is pretty awesome on the cross bike - we are planning another mission soon.

jellibrand national park near the airport is cool.

Ell-Pee: In this case what you want aesthetically, will reduce the function of your frame off-asphalt. Blakey/someone else can explain better.

When you do, let me know via txt or fb
I fucking live at lysterfield now
I’ll be there in the morning and probably half the weekend

will do. benzy and i had some good fun there on a spur of the moment trip out there during the xmas break.

cheers nik, i know what you’re getting at.

Delayed response, but Onza Tuff Guys are the ones.

I’m after a small pomp either frame or complete build, but not too bling because it’s for polo. Are they readily available in Oz (moving 2 Melbs in a couple of months)?

You can get them locally in Melb… OnOne & Planet-X bikes Australia

Ah that’s good to know, cheers. I should probably hold out for a second hand one since it’s for polo and will get battered. I guess I should just keep an eye on the forum.

If it’s for polo and will get battered, just pick up some old Repco shitter. Pomp’s are ‘keepers’ and you rarely see one 2nd hand. At their current price, they’re a steal.

At that price it’s still cheaper to bring one over from the UK, probably. People into polo don’t want some old shitter for many obvious reasons, and my pomp will also be a keeper. I just think I can save some money by getting a second hand one since I have time to wait and don’t need it to be pristine.

Actually, it wasn’t cheaper to get one from the UK. That’s why I got mine here.