on one / planet x sale - split shipping?


on one / planet x are doing a bit of a sale at the moment, and the gbp to aud exchange rate aint all that bad.
i’m thinking of grabbing a frame this weekend to build up a hardtail mtb on the cheap.

shipping is 90gbp though - anyone keen to grab another frame / whatever off their sale and split shipping to melbourne with me?


I’m ah, keen on a crown race? That’s all really. It’d make it easier to swap forks on my Inbred. This is the one:

You others should jump on some Fleegles and Mary bars, and the frames are great.

I’d be keen on some Pod Sacks and and a couple other things, I can pm you if you are ordering.

@WestToastPete - if i do place an order this weekend i’ll make sure to add a crown race
@fixiechampion - will announce here if/when i place an order

Ohhhh could be keen on a pompino. When are you ordering?

Plan is to order tonight as i’m a little worried their sale might be over after the weekend. 30% off frames means a pompino frame can be had for $250 delivered to melbourne. shoot me a pm if you’re keen?