On One Pompino

It was a couple of weeks in the making spent stripping back the paint, selecting parts and pouncing on good deals but it’s finally up and running! Picked up the frame/fork/stem/seat and brakes for a steal (cheers Alex!), the rest of the parts sourced from a beater fixie I had lying about and from Wiggle. Also cheers to Paul at Astro Boy Racer for facing the bb, headset and fork and putting everything together for me!

This is sweet. Guards could probably hug the tyres a bit closer but whatever… nice build.

Looks rad, but you should run proper guards if you’ve got the eyelets.

this is totally worth it #pomplyfe

Longboards or the new PDW wider ones or whatever they are that someone showed me the other day FTW.

The plan is full metal fenders once funds allow, I had these lying about so may as well put them to use. I’ve since adjusted them so they sit more snug against the wheel, but they’re not terribly well executed and do flop around alot.

Next addition is a PDW take out basket!

Would carry a load better I reckon.

I wouldn’t bother with PDW Full Metal Fenders if you have multiple fender eyelets like on the pomp, defeats the purpose.

I’ve used Planet Bike Cascadias before if you’re happy with plastic, they were tidy and did the job at a reasonable price. They also come pre-assembled which is a plus, unlike SKS.

Have a look in the fender thread, heaps of options listed for different frame options.

the only thing wrong with this is that it doesn’t say #doatour on it anymore

paging lemontimes

Oh sorry I wasn’t actually referring to the PDW full metal fenders, I just meant a set of the complete-coverage-made-of-metal-and-therefore-tough variation. Haven’t looked into it much to be honest but I’m open to suggestions!

infos: www.fixed.org.au/forums/f42/winter-rain-bikes-fenders-tyres-lights-all-jazz-28313/index10.html

45mm wide for this bike

also: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f15/%2410-nashbar-racks-32116/