On the demise of MTBs as commuters

Hear hear!

the option of commuting along canal towpaths, through parks and along less congested, but often rougher, back roads looks more and more appealing. A mountain bike is robust enough to take all that in its stride, and when you do come across traffic, disc brakes, wide tyres and a more upright position contribute to a greater sense of security. Road bikes are great, but as a tool for getting too and from work in a major city, a basic rigid mountain bike is safer, not much slower and a whole lot more fun.

Where are all the mountain bikes? | Privateer.cc

in what way is a mountain bike safer than a road bike?

Same logic as a Pajero being safer than a sports car.

i think its referring to the upright position, having more vision and maneuverability.

this explains everything

Can’t wait to see all the dangerous road bikes on the way home with riders commuting exclusively in the drops.

Because you’ll be going so slow even if you do bin it you can just step off and walk.

Does this also mean an end to yellow, Netti jerseys, zip ties on helmets and suede, lace up, entry level mtb shoes? Will those middle aged, bearded, engineers in the Public Service have to upgrade to Tiagra equipped, flat bar, road bikes?

The truth


wtf is this bullshit?

Lovely Bicycle!: The Mary Poppins Effect?

Mary Poppins Effect for why it’s safer in dense traffic.

I can’t stand that Lovely Bike blog.

It’s good for lols, particularly when she strongly advises something only to realise a little while later that her advice was complete bullshit. She will never acknowledge her errors.
Also, the fawning comments are amazing.

I remember how she was so scared of toe overlap, wrote a huge post about it (possibly got a custom frame?), and then it was discovered that she pedalled with her freaking heels.

And now there’s a whole post about how she can finally stand up whole riding.

Sounds like you’re a regular reader :wink:

wonder if she can change a flat…

haha post of the day

I was bored okay!

That site’s a waste of the internet. Though I am amazed why woven, dress guards never took off!