on the dole again

All together now - to the tune of Willie nelson’s “On the road again”

and a 1, and a 2 and a 3

on the dole again
just cant wait to get back on the dole again
my life my love is collecting dole cheques with my friends
I just cant wait to get back on the dole again

on the dole again
like a band of bludgers
we go down to centrelink
we’re the best of friends
insisting that the guvmint keep paying own way

… and our way

is on the dole again

(repeat chorus)

Yeah, another year another redundancy. And I really thought this job would last. Because there was nothing but positive comments on my work and work ethic. I got back yesterday and this morning they tell me I’m finished

Every thing was going so well, I was so positive, So I bought a new bike and a new car and took a nice holiday up north. Then the customer terminated the contract, so I’m fucked

That sucks BBB. Sorry to hear it. I hope things turn around again asap

man, that’s rough. what pete said.

Damn BBB, that’s awful.
I also hope that things work out quickly for you.
If there’s anything we can do, sing out.

Yeah well I am currently negotiating the terms of my exit. It looks like I’ll get 6 weeks pay. Being a company with less than 15 permanents, and the fact that I have only been there 15 months means they can do as they please. They could push me out with only 2 weeks pay if they wanted to so I’ll just take the offer and go quietly.

If you know anyone needs a dev experienced in ColdFusion, Websphere WCM or any of the usual HTML/JS/CSS stuff then let me know.