On to greener pastures

Hey all,

I’ve had a job offer in Sydney and decided to take it. This is my final week in Canberra and although I was hoping to get one last ride in with you lot, it doesn’t seem like i’ll have the time.

A big thanks to those who came along to the Brod Mash, was an awesome night. Big-ups to my man DanO who has provided much entertainment in the way of some crazy rides, kicking back talking all things MMA and some insane nights around old Canberra town. Finally a special thanks to Stan and the guys at Mal Adjusted in Dickson. They really know their shit and very pleasant to deal with. I may even make the 3 hour drive every couple of months to have you service my bike. :wink:

I’ll keep lurking on the forum and may make a surprise appearance at some Canberra rides in the future.

Stay fresh!


Hey Abs, good luck in syd!
Brod Mash was a great ride, thanks heaps for putting it on!
My band is in syd alot playing shows, hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch up again soon. Cheers,