One Confused Bike....$$$650? blegghhhh

Fixed Gear Race Bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Fitzroy

Unless I’m mistaken I saw a guy riding this just the other day.

Holy Shit!!!

That’s Alf’s bike from the Gold Coast polo team!!!

dear lord. that’s up there with Pengy!

I take it you not replacing your poor old bike with this? haha

Mixte is the new Fixed

Sister sprocket?

Sister Sprocket — One of the really sad things about the end of Yehuda Moon is the ‘demise’ of Sister Sprocket and some of the more minor characters.

The good sister was very cool (“I ain’t no fixie pixie”, “smoking is resistance training for the lungs”, etc), and was a mean bike polo player. It would have been great to learn more of her ‘back story’. For instance, how and why did Sister Sprocket become the Bike Ninja?

Also, who is the Grail (or is the Grail just an allegory)? Has Captain Dashboard upgraded to Di2? Will they ever find the red car that killed Fred?