One for the triple triangle nuts. FUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

what can I sell to buy this?

Do you have any children or access to children?

That is super sexy.

My neighbours do have a small child…

Not available to Australian buyers! Before purchasing please contact us so we may check whether this item can be shipped via the postal service.

do you have someone in the states who you can ship it to?

yes - of course.

will add about $300, and avoid customs duties so it all evens out.

Slightly weird history:

COLOR will be 2005 TEAM EDITION painted CARBON. Paint is original, this is not a repainted frameset. Paint date march 8th 2005.

Production will be mid 90s.

So I ask: why the hell would you paint a 10 y/o ‘brand new’ ti frame to look like carbon?

And why is it specifically stated ‘Not available to Australian buyers!’?

I think it’s due to shipping costs.

super sexy but dont you think he uses the word ‘will’ in a future tense …kinda odd but hey it got me excited about what it will be if i win.