Oooow my eyes...

someone should be made to apologise for this

I like it except for the gold cranks.

Would ride.

Looks just like your track bike!

seen much worse.

Green and gold! Straya colours m8. Love it or fcuk off

^So un australian


Just as you will never hear a good Russell Crowe song, you will never see a good looking De Ver bicycle.

Pray, do tell … (don’t know anything about them).

ive seen many worse looking bikes than this in the post your ride section of this very forum!

Cranks and saddle are a bit gross but this is probably the best looking de ver I’ve seen to date

De Ver sounds like a good South African name. That green and gold may in fact be gold and green, SA’s national colours :stuck_out_tongue:


De Ver is a bike shop in melbs edit: website comes up in google but does not work?

There house branded bikes do look pretty horrible IMHO

Yep, a regular fixture at DISC: Bikes De Ver: Team DeVer

Their bikes may be uggo, but they do appear to sponsor a lot of juniors, so I’ll cut them some slack.

I need a 56 track bike… It’s ugly - but cheap!

Either needs more gold or less gold! But I like the frame and wheel combo!

disclamer: have green and gold themed MTB