oops. Dream Pista.

This (not so)accidentally entered my collection today.
55.5 TT, thumping big HT, fits like a charm. got a ripping good deal on it off a mate who got a ripping good deal on it to begin with.
miche gruppo. i’ve actually bought/traded for it sans wheels, i reckon i’ll do a bit of switching and put my newer record group onto this and put my older wheels/bits on the super pista. going to ride the crap out of it on christmas day.

What a banger.

For me, would look better with ergo/road drops, but personal tastes etc.

Enjoy, merry xmas indeed.

this is as collected, the njs nittos are going today.I’ll Chuck my rams on and see what they look like.(and how they feel I guess)

needs b43’s

Nice stocking stuffer! So strange, I was just Googling Colnago track frames the other day wondering if there were any decent ones out there and here it is. Looking forward to some pics when you have made your tweaks.

Nah, disc and potato for #SOTB

Those items can stay back in 2007, we don’t need them for #SOTB.

Great Colnago, look forward to seeing it with the newer groupset.

Whacked some things on. Rode it. Goes fast. Good.


Why not risers?

thanks for teh wheelz lorday

Thats better :slight_smile:

Those Oakleys I sold you go perfectly with this

So good


beautiful! those wheels really look good

tilt yo heads!

built new wheelz


I’m not upset that you forced us to tilt our heads.

WOW! Love it.