Operation Nora (7 -11 Feb)

Victoria Police Online News Centre - Operation Nora targets cyclists and drivers in Melbourne

Went through Swanston/Flinders/Collins st this morning at around 7.45 but didnt see any signs of increased presence.

Any other reports would be appreciated…

i rode past 3 police cars (one oncoming and two going my way) this morning between north melb train station and work (cnr flinders and william) ~ 7:45-8:00, but didn’t see any on foot.

saw one car and 2 policemen yesterday morning outside the arts centre inbound on St Kilda Road waiting for those who rode right through that red light.

another one? they must have actually forgotten how to do real police work

~up holding the law~

Friend of mine got pinged running a red light at a ped crossing somewhere near Waterfront City on Footscray Rd.

Any details of how they got nabbed? Hiding around the corner and sniping riders?

Seriously, this is a waste of tax payers money, the reasons why cyclists die is because of cars. The reason it’s gone up is because more people are cycling, so more cyclists are now in harms way, and more cyclists are having to use roads that aren’t equiped for cyclists, it’s basic percentages.

They wont have anything on me, I’ve got lights, helmet, brakes, etc. But I’m pissed that we’re the targets, per usual the car is king and anyone interfering with cars and roads is an intruder that must be scrutinized.

Didnt see any cops on footscray rd today, saw a few cop cars near flinders st.

front and rear reflectors? a bell? orange reflectors in your spokes?

ok you’ve got me there, but my spokey dokies are reflective does that count?

pretty sure this one doesn’t either…

nope. but then again, i ain’t going round saying that “them pigs don’t got nuthin on me…”

s’alright though guy. i was just stirring. anyways, if a cop wants to book you, they’ll find a reason.

Yeah, not quite. Motorists are subject to far greater scrutiny than we are. Look at how common booze buses, automated speed/red-light cameras, and police operated speed detectors are.

The one day of enforcing bike laws every 6 months seems to be about making sure that cyclists’ behaviour stays in check, and is not unreasonable. (Some of the laws they enforce may be unreasonable, but that’s another matter.) The fact that more serious offences, such as motor vehicle offences, exist is no reason to completely ignore lesser offences. Otherwise, the police would have no reason to investigate anything other than murder.

Of those, you’re only legally obligated to have a bell and rear red reflector, and the latter only if riding after sundown.

Unless of course you’re in WA, in which case you need pedal reflectors, a rear red reflector at all times of the day, and can even be booked if your mudguards are the wrong fucking colour.

Seriously WA, lift your game.

• rear red reflector
• bell
• one mechanical brake
• front/rear lights at night.
thats all you need to be within the law. both my bikes are street legal.
wheel reflectors et al is necessary for selling new bikes though, i think.

i think most ppl’s issue lies in the fact that police etc claim they’re doing these exercises to promote cyclist safety, which is an utter lie. as alexander said the increase in cyclists injuries is concurrent with the increase in numbers of cyclists. these cyclists are injured by cars/the dunces driving them.
if they want to promote cyclist safety they’d be issuing fines to people that overtake then turn left in front of cyclists, pull out in ront of cyclists, don’t look for cyclists, car-door cyclists…

also, cars should be subjected to far greater scrutiny than cyclists because they’re heavy, fast-moving killing machines. even if a drunk cyclist plows into an outdoor cafe they’re not gonna kill 6 ppl

I have done this before, it was pretty sweet.

It was more of an outdoor seating area than an entire cafe but.

Anyway, all people are gonna feel persecuted when some of their ‘bro’s’ get fined for something.
Brakeless fixed gear cyclists, getting fined for NOBR AKES
Belless cyclist, getting fined for NOAC CESSORY
Country ute drivers getting fines for FOUR POSTER BULL BARS
Import drivers getting defected for PODF ILTERS?

That last one actually makes no sense to me, it’s a fucking air filter.

I don’t remember saying “them pigs don’t got nuthin on me…” maybe I should have. HA, yeah I get the point, if they want to, they’ll ping you.

No cops today on route in from Footscray through docklands, and then the yarra track to richmond. So much for increased presence.

I don’t think it’s bullshit that it’s being done for cyclist safety. There is definitely a large increase in the number of cyclists, and the number of helmetless/brakeless mad fixie skiderzzz I see in Fitzroy and the city is ridiculous, a lot of them who appear to be new to fixed gears and have no business riding brakeless. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing that they be reminded that brakes and helmets (and not running reds in peak hour traffic) are actually quite a good idea.

And it’s not just the hipsters either, there’s a lot more people riding to work (especially at this time of year with good weather and new years resolutions to get healthy), a lot of them new to commuting by bike. I see people constantly flying past stopped trams, or attempting to run a red and getting stuck in the middle of an intersection. It’s stupid, dangerous, pisses off drivers, and saves you all of 30 seconds on your commute.

And on top of all that, they are targeting cyclists AND drivers. As it says in the link up top, "“Police will not only target offences committed by cyclists but also crack down on drivers doing the wrong thing,” Sen Sgt Falconer said.” Besides, if you’re stupid enough to run a red light in peak hour traffic without checking for cops first, you probably deserve a fine.

I’ve probably rambled on a bit in this reply, I just don’t see why people seem to get so upset about stuff like this. It’s no big deal really.

The problem is every month there is a crackdown on cyclists, during which they ticket many many more pedestrians and cars. A police media anouncement of a crack down on cyclists suggests that cyclists are the dangerous scofflaws when it is not representative of the actual case.

I’m not opposed to the crackdowns. But the amount of disregard I am shown on a bike while approaching a roundabout, or cars doing u turns in front of me or speeding up and then turning left KNOWING that I have to come to a stop just because they are the bigger machine is getting silly.
Police should be on undercover bikes riding around the inner burbs just to see this happen. Hey it’s easy revenue too…

If you don’t want to risk being fined, don’t ride a bike that is ‘illegal’ or break road rules. Its so simple.

We’ve got it easy compared to the modified motor vehicle dudes. (Waits for more of the usual ‘cars are coffins’, ‘modified cars are soo0o0o0o0 dangerous’ bullshit)