Opinions Needed!

Hey guys,
i have been checking out my local bike stores for a while now and there are a few bikes which stand out particularly. The schwinn madison at $899, the SE Larger $750, the kona paddy wagon at $860, or the masi commuter at $800.
I am looking for some extra opinions on which of these bikes to buy, if you have ridden one or own one i would particularly like to hear your feedbike of the bike. :roll:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

personally I dont like the yellow on the koma’s, but w/e floats your boat.
I was riding a SE lager 09 model for the past 6 months, and has performed pretty well; minor issues with my chainring at the start but that’s all.
See the myriad of other threads about spending ~$1000 on a bike though… If you have the time, you’re better off building your own.

edit: pain makes me stupid. thanks gypsy

I think by buying he meant building…

Cell is bringin out a new fixie very soon.
They sold out of there last one quite quickly.
Cheap at only $500-$600ish

thanks gypsy :slight_smile:
yes I meant building.

I ride a Kona Paddywagon and have been very happy with it, frame feels rock solid and all components have withstood commuting abuse. That’s a good price for one too, as the '09 model goes for $1100 at BSC in Melbs.