Opinions on breezer cx and gravel bikes

Last year I saw a few write ups about breezer steel framed cx (inversion) and adventure (radar) bikes.

They both looked pretty nice, but i wasn’t so interested that I would seek one out to see it in the flesh.

Now they’ve announced a Doppler model to sit between the two others. I like the MTB hybrid look, while still getting thru axles and a skinny tube frame. But looks to be a 2018 model.

Anyone seen one of these three bikes (or ridden one)?

first thought is skinny tubed frame is fine, but with that headtube it looks a bit yucko. Breezer seem to think practically about bikes though, I worked at a shop who stocked them a long time ago and they were good to deal with, always seemed to spec good parts where needed and kept price down where it made sense. I’d trust one, I’d ride that one there, but I’d always be looking at that headtube. Maybe some sweet stickers to break up the chunk? It reminds me a bit of my commuter.

True - now that you point it out it’s hard to unsee. I guess it appeals to me more than the cx inversion (which has a tapered head tube) overall, but the inversion is a better looking frame. Could also just be a prototype with funky headtube?

Final geo and specs might be a deciding factor too. The inversion has a 142 thru rear end, the radar a 135 QR. I’d prefer a 142.

If I could get the inversion for commuting and have the option of a 27.5 mtb wheelset for weekend firetrail and singletrack madness without rubbing on the chainstays or affecting the geo too much (BB drop likely < 5mm) i think i’d be a happy man. Been considering the Jamis Renegade Expat with the same logic.

I rode an inversion a few weeks ago. It felt great but the spec was underwhelming. I felt for the money I would be more inclined to build something up from scratch, but they are a solid package if you’re looking for a complete build.

Their range seems to be well thought out though. Will be interesting to see if they can establish the brand here.

Thats interesting. Any reason in particular for thru axle vs qr on such a beast?

Not sure if you mean breezer or me. But personally it’s just so easy to take off and refit 142 through axle wheels. I don’t perceive (haven’t ridden back to back either) any difference in stiffness etc. But I trust its probably there, so seems like a nice upgrade.