Opinions wanted - Veloce or Centaur?

Tossing up whether to run current 10spd Veloce or Centaur on the next project - aesthetically, it just needs to be black, and no, I don’t want to go to Athena 11spd (if I considered that, then I’d just go Chorus and I’m not spending that much) or Sram or Shimano.

I find feedback everywhere for Veloce 10spd, but current Centaur feedback is a lot harder to find.


I would just get Veloce. I had it. It was good. Price was right.

Am I correct that Veloce is about AUD500? I know Shimano 105 can be gotten quite cheaply these days at around AUD430, just sayin. And it will only get cheaper since the 5800 series will arrive in July.

I have veloce and it’s great, very reliable. Keep in mind that the power torque system is a pain for maintenance. I have no experience with Centaur so can’t comment.


I’ve done a bunch of k’s on it on my old c’dale and it’s now doing some more with my bro-in-law. Works great, easy to set up, looks alright.

Disclaimer: mine is the older silver version with the good clicky shifters and square taper cranks.

Shame you don’t want Shimano, cos Horatio is on the money re: 105.

I put Veloce on my wife’s roadie - it shifts as well as my Chorus, and the powertorque cranks are actually pretty light. Sure it’s probably going to be a pain when I need yet to remove the cranks, but I haven’t had the need to do so yet and can’t see I’ll have the need any time soon.

Is Centaur the same as Veloce with only single down-shifting? That’d be something worth considering - the multi up- and down-shifting of the upper-end Campy is pretty damn great.

Only go Centaur if you want Crabon Cranks. PowerTorque can be a PITA. You will need a crank puller.
I’ve got Veloce on the Soma ES and Centaur on the blue Baum. Both shift fine.
My previous roadie had Centaur (pre-QS) with square taper cranks and was bombproof.

To be honest I’d run Veloce FD/RD/Shifters and run different cranks or older UltraTorque cranks.
My Kumo will be running Athena FD/RD/Shifters and Sugino Mighty Tour cranks which are square taper.

Yeah I know, but passion.

Centaur is Powershift = 3 cogs on upshift, 1 on down shift. Campy site says Veloce is the same.

Correct. The newer veloce I have shimergoed on my commuter is thusly.

The passion is strong is this one…

Fair enough though. What about Veloce group with upgrade Ultra-Torque crank?

just go EPS =D

Interesting. Is this possible?

I don’t see why not.

gen 2, super record ti axle or gtfo.

it’s just a crank


My Crux came with 105 shifters & RD paired with FSA BB30 ‘10 speed’ cranks & rings.

I’m now running 11 speed Chorus shifters, Athena FD/RD and the same FSA BB30 ‘10 speed’ cranks & rings.

My 2009 Veloce kitted Gazelle with 2011 UT Centaur cranks says yes. Go for it. Veloce is pretty good stuff.

If you want a set of silver Veloce UltraTorque cranks with full size rings hit me up.
I will have a set that is excess to requirement when I replace with compacts.
The cranks are in the cupboard waiting for me to stop playing with MTBs and swap them over.

Thanks, but needed a black group.

Ended up buying Veloce from Ribble with their 10% components code, came in at $450 delivered :o Cheers for all the feedback.