I normally dislike this kind of thread but have to ask before I drop a lot of money.

I’ve teed up to have a look at a road bike with:

DengFu frame, great condition. (~6000ks, 1.5 years old, no dints or scratches visible)
Thomson stem
Full Ultegra
Chris King to Open Pros

+Some extra goodies.

What’s everyone general opinion on this for $1200? Too much? Decent?

Seems ok, If the wheels are nice and the group is only 1.5 yrs old thats pretty good.
The 2012/13 ultegra is nice.

this guys? BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - WTS - [Syd] - Med size, 7.7Kg Chinese Carbon Roadie complete ?

if so ive dealt with him before, seems like a good guy.

id pay a $1k, seems like in good nick, ie used but not abused.

Jase - yep, that one. He does seem like a nice guy. Not sure whether to hold off and try and get it to 1000.

Basically the plan would be to ride it until I have funds to get a Kumo CX, then swap the wheels and grouppo over.

My DengFu FM-028 is going on three years. I like it. Haven’t had to do a single thing to it since this post when it was one year old: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f8/current-rides-21860/#post397620 (although I did just order some new tyres)

1200 is a good deal

ive got a FM015 frame you could have for free but this would work out about the same price after you buy a groupset/wheels/etc

That’s what I had in mind - I don’t care so much about the frame, though it is fine for my needs at the moment, it is the collection of parts on it that i wouldn’t need to upgrade.

Was raining today so I’ll have a look at it on Sunday/Monday.

Alex - as an aside, what size is your frame?

As it is an ISP - is there enough seat post for you?

Yep, he’s 5cm taller than I, so should be okay.

VTT is 545mm

HT is about 135mm from memory

Opinions ?

$1200 is not a lot of money considering all the stuff you’re getting. It’s nothing to be sniffed at of course but you’re possibly overthinking this and sitting on the fence or opting to lowball might leave you as a bridesmaid again.

If it’s all together and ready to ride then you’ll have forgotten the price in a few weeks time and will be excited to have a roadie for summer adventures.

Break it down … $1200 = $23.07 per week for one year. I’m sure you spend that on coffee. Most all of this bike will last a lot longer than a year.

Lastly, full props for planning to get a made to order Kumo but I’ll guarantee you that you will revise the idea of swapping parts from here onto it. you/me/everyone here would have gone through 2 or 3 revisions of what their ideal bike is and the opportunity to have a custom frame built to then kit it with used parts is like marrying your brother’s wife - you might have fancied her but it isn’t your dream magical idea of true love.

Buy this bike, ride the shit out of it, put an order in for a Kumo, plan & save for that dream build to compliment it, the parts from this bike will likely make an excellent base for a commuter or back up bike further down the road. Life is short, spend your time riding a bike rather than trawling the interwebs looking for bargains :wink:

But what will i do without coffee!

I’m mroe leaning to the buy it side of the fence, thanks for all the feedback!

My thinking was: you don’t deliberate about buying a coffee, this bike is no more expensive.

Not saying that you should do without coffee, but you’re not living in the third world either.

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Buy it, then save for a new group with the new bike anyway.

If you’re going for a new custom you really deserve a new group/wheels/everything to go with it. Do it once, do it right.


You only need a fixie


Your low-ball humour knows no bounds.

Wait, my sister’s wife?

don’t make it personal oratio. I’m no lance Armstrong thank you very much, despite a scare when i was 13. Though, interestingly, my dad was.