Optimising traffic in Manhattan

This guy is pretty much me in 30+ years time. Good article about counting up the real costs of transportation choices.

The Man Who Could Unsnarl Manhattan Traffic | Magazine

Why wait 30 years? Plenty of bike advocacy groups could use a hand and it’s a good leg up from lobbying local council to state planners.

You know what the future is … why wait for it?

Good research takes time unfortunately, and as reported in the article I fear that even the most rational argument could be won over by the politics of the day. The CPF do some amazing work in Australia, yet we still have situations where cycling is marginalized as a recreational activity rather than a serious mode of transport. Look at how local businesses still complain about improving pedestrian and cycling access in favour of parking spaces for cars when the CPF reports how beneficial ridding these local roads of cars for personal use is. To be fair the tide is turning, however slowly, in our favour, but I am concerned about how many more unnecessary deaths and injuries will occur in the next 30 years as we make the transition.

Mark my words though, if there is a way for me to combine my research in AI with cycling I’ll find a way!

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