Our first try at Anodizing

Evening Hipsters,
My brother and I are trying out our own anodizing (he is a metalsmith), despite the fact that anodizing chunky things like this can be a bitch I rekon it turned out ok.
(ignore the choice of bars its what was lying around)

What do you all think, anyone got any aluminium components they want us to try out?

How about a frame?

thats pretty fucking clean work there fellas

Er give us a while, we are still trying to set up a bath big enough for wheels, thing is you need a metal container big enough to boil the thing in, so if you’ve got a fryingpan big enough to broil a whole mountain goat then we can do a frame for you

Yeah I was just kidding really. Getting a big enough tank is a problem. But when you do, let me know :slight_smile:

id be interested to see how these hold up, after the wear and tare of riding

they look great, nice and clean. riden them yet? whats the wear like?

This is going to sound odd, but you need to nock-off a dumpster bin, you know the big twin lid metal things out the back of shops and resaraunts??

Metalwork shop in Sydney has set one up using one of these, they’re chroming car parts, I guess its a very simmilar process.


Yeah next step is testing them for durability, will ride them around for a while and see, (they should be pretty good)

Nice idea, we need a convoy of fixed riders to ride one home under the cover of dark…

they look sweeet!

how many different colours can u guys do?

where did you guys get the battery acid/sulphuric acid? just battery world? or an actual chemical supplier? I was looking at doing some of my own after exams

awesome. two thumbs up for your craftyness.

this is awesome guys! some in progress images would be really cool to see.

for inspiration step by step and if you like that the kit

My brother has access to the anodizing room at the ANU art school, he is working with a world leader in Anodizing who doesnt like his secretes to be spread around :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love a red front brake please.

What do you want me to do next?

If you are in Melbourne i may be able to get one to you.

kenards trailor hie …$50
five buks of petrol to get somewhere… $5
fifteen metres of nylon rope… $12
hit mitchell for a free bin… priceless.