oury grips

thoughts, opinions etc.

the only problem i have with them is that when they get moisture under them they tend to slide about. this is less of a problem if you haven’t cut off the caps at the end. I’m getting lock-on ones to replace them.
Other than that they’re super comfy and very grippy. two thumbs up

If you wear gloves they’re great. Otherwise palmsweat makes them all sticky. Or is it just me?

They do get sticky.

I still love em though, super comfy.

Hairspray fixes the slipping problems though.


be aware that people with smaller hands find them a bit too thick, especially the lock ons.
lizard skin makes a very good lock on grip that has a similar feel to the oury, but is a lot thinner.

I’ve been using 'em for about 10years. Have tried others but always come back to the comfy large feel (for my monster big hands!).
Hairspray does work well but is worse when the water does penetrate. This can be alleviated by wrapping thin wire around and tying it off ala moto style.
If yo can find some OURY lock-ons for cheap then grab them they’re even better, but be aware you’ll have to have wide bars to accommodate.
Sweet color range.

F#ck it just get 'em and if you don’t like then give 'em to me :evil:

done and done! :wink:

there’s a new shop that’s opened just down the road from me at flemmington called clyclic. pretty sure i saw some oury’s in the window the other day. i’ll pop down soon.

If you can get them for $20 or less they are fair value. I really only like them because they come in some nice colours :stuck_out_tongue: I find they begin to get too flexy after a couple of months use. The big cubes sorta rotate and flex even though the rest of the grip is firmly stuck on with hairspray. They are nice and comfy, but I think the cubes have to much crevasse? And this makes them flex. They are reasonably sticky, just try to avoid getting them dirty.

Im going to try out those grips with the stars that Dan is selling next www.shifterbikes.com they seem to be stiffer, but Ill need to buy them before I seem how they perform :lol: