Out and about with Fourex

Gavin Bannerman just put this old picture up on his site:

How much awesome is that 4 person tandem, oh about XXXX awesome…

Are your sure that’s not a 3 person tandem with a guy sitting on the back?

thank you for reminding me of that loveable aryan, carl rackemann.

Yeah, just a 3 person. Man i would love a 4 person!

love the last guys hand positions, “yeah baby thats it”

i want AB to pull me a beer. and grow his moustache back

Yeah, chalk that up to a Friday afternoon work induced coma. Still it is a pretty rad tandem.

It’s a Tom Wallace special.
so nice it would make a killer alley cat machine.

On a similar note - came across this video. Chicks, bikes and beer. Border-line NSFW.

holy crap that is the best beer ad ever. i would go right out and buy some brisbane bitter if they still made it.

the trandem is single speed too, oooh yeah, alleycat machine, dayne you could just sit on the back and nurse you muniscus around too!

no sexism, just sex.

Brisbane Bitter is for sale again at Dan Murphy’s.
It is CRAP…again.

will buy it tomorrow. thanks gordy!